WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Jim McDermott (D, WA-7) issued the following statement on the Obama administration’s announcement of its proposal to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants.

"I commend the Obama administration on its announcement today to curb harmful carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. This action represents the single strongest commitment ever taken by an American president to combat climate change.   This action also helps make the price of carbon emissions – which is paid by each and every one of us – increasingly transparent to the American people.  The science of climate change is clear: this is not an abstract notion for future generations to cope with; it is happening now.  The price of carbon emissions and the impacts of climate change are now being felt across the United States – in our polluted air, the warming and acidification of our oceans, stressed ecosystems and increasingly destructive weather patterns.  Democrats in Congress recognize the need to act now for environmental stewardship, for businesses, for national security, for the health and security of American families.  Carbon in the atmosphere doesn't just accelerate a change in climate, it poses a public health risk to everyone downwind.  I recently reintroduced the Managed Carbon Price Act of 2014, legislation to put a price on carbon and lower harmful greenhouse gas emissions over time.  I support the Environmental Protection Agency’s actions moving forward and hope my legislation will contribute to this critical discussion moving forward."