SEATTLE, WA – In a letter to Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy Mark Mazur, Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) today called on the IRS to review outdated “safe harbor” provisions that inhibit the ability of certain new payment models, such as accountable care organizations, to flourish.  Updated provisions would help clear obstacles to many of the innovative and more efficient payment models outlined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and improve efforts to coordinate care between hospitals and health care professionals.

IRS Revenue Procedure 97-13, which creates safe harbors that protect the tax-exempt status of certain bonds issued by health care facilities, was issued in 1997. Since then, new compensation models, such as bundled payments, have shown promising results for improving care and reducing costs. Updates to the safe harbors will give providers and bondholders certainty that new payment models are protected under the IRS guidance.

“Stakeholders generally structure arrangements to fit squarely within a safe harbor with respect to their compensation arrangements, as they are aware that the IRS is closely scrutinizing these issues,” wrote McDermott. “As a result, hospitals have some anxiety with entering into new and innovative arrangements encouraged by the ACA.”

As the ACA ramps up to full implementation, any revisions to the relevant tax guidance should be made in time to provide certainty so that the new models can be quickly adopted. “It is imperative that the IRS begin to consider such modifications immediately, since under the Affordable Care Act, models that emerge as successful from [Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation] can be rapidly expanded throughout the country,” urged McDermott.

The full letter can be read here.